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Yamaha Silent Konzert Git. SLG200N NT

SLG 200 N NT
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Yamaha Silent Konzert Git. SLG 200 N Natur

Im Vergleich zu traditionellen klassischen Gitarren hat die SLG200N einen schmaleren Hals und eine tiefere Saitenlage.
Damit eignet sie sich besonders für Gitarristen, die einen eher schnellen, aggressiven Spielstil bevorzugen.
Wo Menschen sind, da ist Musik. Und wo Musiker sind, gibt es musikalische Kreativität, die darauf wartet, ausgelebt zu werden. Mit Yamahas Silent Guitar gibt es dafür keinen unpassenden Ort mehr. Denn wo immer Sie auch sind, wo auch immer Sie spielen wollen: Diese Gitarre wurde entwickelt, um Sie auf Schritt und Tritt zu begleiten.
Bei Yamahas Silent Guitars trifft eine geniale Idee auf meisterhafte Gitarrenbaukunst. Das Ergebnis ist eine der unkonventionellsten, komfortabelsten und vielseitigsten Gitarren, die Sie je erlebt haben!
Ob zuhause oder auf Tour, über Kopfhörer oder direkt ins Aufnahmegerät, im Proberaum oder auf der Bühne vor 20.000 Fans - mit Yamahas Silent Guitar sind Sie bereit für jede musikalische Herausforderung. Jederzeit!

Sound by SRT Powered
Yamaha Sound by SRT Powered
SRT Powered is a new system designed to recreate the body resonance of an acoustic guitar in a bodiless guitar. Yamaha developed SRT Powered, collaborating with recording artists to create a system tailored to the unique properties of the new SLG body and modelled after the tones of a high-end Yamaha acoustic guitar captured using a carefully selected microphone in a professional recording studio environment. By actually reproducing the sound of an acoustic guitar—right down to its natural sustain and decay—Yamaha lets guitarists experience the genuine body resonance, body tone and ambience of an acoustic guitar. 
SRT Powered sound can even be mixed with the sound from the instrument's piezo pickups, allowing guitarists to be even more flexible in their creative endeavors.
Because the SLG can virtually reproduce the sound of a guitar recorded with a microphone, players are free from complicated procedures involved in mic-ing up a guitar when recording at home or in other settings.

Yamaha SLG

Yamaha SLG N

Yamaha SLG200

The detachable top section of SLG’s frame means that practicality and portability are way beyond that of a conventional guitar. 
The luxury gigbag provided can be carried with ease and fits into an aircraft overhead compartment with room to spare.
Yamaha SLG 200
The slim body of the SLG gives these instruments superb playability, and allows players to switch to playing an electric guitar without any discomfort should the need arise.
Yamaha SLG200N
With the SLG, Yamaha set out to bring a modern feel to the classic contours of a conventional guitar. The distinctive design that emerged is the result of a collaborative effort between the project team and the Yamaha Design Laboratory, and combines traditional guitar lines with an innovative new form unlike that of any guitar before it.
The bodiless design of the SLG offers a natural, quiet sound that allows guitarists to play without disturbing others, whether practicing late at night or playing in the living room when the family is home. The SLG200N is nighty percent quieter than a conventional classical guitar.
Durability, Stability
Yamaha’s SLG features excellent durability owing to its solid body structure, so users do not have to worry about damaging the instrument when playing live or traveling.
Both the steel string and nylon string models are fitted with a duel action truss rod, allowing both convex and concave bow to be adjusted.

Yamaha SLG200 N

Yamaha SLG 200 N

Yamaha SLG Nylon-Saiten

Connect to an external music player to enjoy music playback, enhance your playing with a range of authentic effects, or plug in headphones to enjoy playing in privacy—the SLG offers a variety of functions that make playing even more enjoyable. What's more, SLG come with a built-in precision chromatic tuner, compatibility with both battery- and AC power, and a range of other user-friendly features.

Technische Details:
Body: Mahagoni
Neck: Mahagoni
Fingerboard: Palisander
Bridge: Palisander
Mensur: 650mm
Bünde: 19
Sattelbreite: 50mm
Tonabnehmer: SRT Piezo
Preamp: SRT Powered System
Color: Natur
Rahmen: Ahorn / Palisander
Zubehör: Soft Bag / Stereo Earphones
Gewicht: 2,1kg